Maximum engagement.

REACHconnect guides the user through the platform, learning about their health and wellbeing objectives and providing personalised feedback, goals and coaching and building a long-term, ongoing relationship.

Highly configurable.

REACHconnect provides clinically validated assessments, content and coaching with built-in gamification and rewards. But you can also choose to use your own, or a little of both!

Make it your own.

Custom assessments, polls and surveys

Publish your own assessment, survey or poll. Select your own questions, scoring system and feedback to obtain insight into your audience.

Notification centre

Send custom emails or push notifications to your entire user-base, or a sub-section, cross-promote related products, services and events.

Onboarding, pulse questions and feedback

Customise the onboarding or pulse questions to obtain quick, simple feedback on areas of importance to your organisation.

Video bites

Publish short videos to promote the content of your choice!

Cross promote products and services and reward change.

Cross-sell and promote related products and services and reward customers for taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle through discounts, badges and virtual rewards.

Data analysis.

Track behaviour trends and receive insights into the wellbeing and attitude of your audience via the anonymous, collated MI data. Receive the standard platform report or integrate with business information services to manipulate the data as required for your organisation.

Device agnostic.

Fully responsive, can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile device. Native apps to be released early 2020.

Data security.

Security and privacy are at the core of our process. Sophisticated encryption and adherence to local privacy laws guarantees the protection of user data.

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