Strong focus on gamification and personal challenges.

Users are encouraged to identify areas for change, challenge themselves, see how they stand compared to their peers and track their progress through the status levels from Lift Off to Wellbeing Virtuoso!

Engagement features.

Quick, simple onboarding

Regular pulse questions and notifications

Suggested health objectives and goals

Regular coaching tips and interesting facts

Personalised resources and recommendations

Interactions generate engagement points and boost personal ranking

Badges and rewards for positive action and engagement streaks

Comparison data against similar user groups

Health checks and assessments

REACHconnect offers a range of clinically-validated health risk assessments providing RAG-rated feedback and specific advice for individual risk factors, allowing the user to identify and address the lifestyle issues key to their long term health and wellbeing.

Goals and objectives.

Users can set a range of health goals and will be prompted to do so based on their responses during the onboarding process and other activities. The award centre displays all badges achieved and records progress!

Integration with fitness trackers and wearables.

Connect a wide range of personal fitness and health tracking devices and apps to the REACHconnect platform to automatically log data and complete goals.


Browse hundreds of wellbeing articles, videos and podcasts in the magazine-style resources section. Add your organisation s content to personalise the experience for your users.

Admin portal.

The control panel for your site. Manage users, send notifications, add content and set challenges from the simple to use intuitive interface.

What's on the roadmap

Appointment booking

Offer online appointments with health advisors or sales professionals

Instant chat

Offer support via an instant chat service.

Video conferencing

Offer video consultations on appointment.

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